Finally, a place for architects, landscapers, and builders to thrive.

The Rain Makers group is for those who work in landscape,
build, and architect services. Here’s what to expect:

Ad copy strategies and tactics.

Ad creative for Facebook, Google, and more.

How-to videos to get your marketing started, scalable, and profitable.

Easy guides on using ChatGPT and AI tools.

How to create content at scale for ridiculously less.

And much more…

*disclaimer – not everyone is accepted. This community is strictly for the contractor, business owner, or employee serving businesses who work within the landscape, gardening, backyard renovation, and architecture service sector.

Why join Rain Leads?

There’s a reason why we’re exclusive to your niche. Marketing, market research, and
tactics tend to change drastically niche-by-niche. It just happens yours is our favorite.

01 Why join Rain Leads?

The Rain Leads vault is designed to cover how-to guides on major ad platforms, how to design a brand to impress potential clients, developing a content creation on steroids without breaking the bank, and much more.

02 Network.

All Rain Leads members have access to our private Discord server where you may ask questions to marketers with 10+ years of experience, ask for feedback from lead generation experts, and network with other industry professionals.

03 Deals.

Members get exclusive access to deals and group training sessions to help you attract more customers.

Who is this
group for?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your website could be more impressive.

Your marketing isn't bringing in enough leads.

Marketing takes up too much of your time.

You need ideas on how to market your business.

You or your team don't have the personal skills to do it all.

Who is this group
not for?

We have strict rules, no one meeting the below criteria will be allowed in.

Don't work in landscape, garden, backyard renovation, or architecture services.

Don't believe in investing in personal/business growth.

Don't have pride in your work.

Are rude, inconsiderate, or condescending.

If you answered YES to any of these, then you may be right for the Rain Leads Group.

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