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  1. Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators (AWGs) aren’t your typical water dehumidifier unit. These AWGs are high-ticket and aren’t likely to be sold online through direct ecommerce ($$,$$$).
  2. Our mission here is to educate the market on the importance of creating a sustainable solution to always having access to clean water.
  3. We’re achieving this by running ads to acquire leads through offering downloadable guides on “How to Ensure Clean Water”, “How to Remove Lead From Water”, and more.
  4. For this ad, we included the following features to achieve higher CTR and lower our CPC’s.
  5. Clear label of what this offer is “Free Guide.”
  6. Symbolic image pertaining to guide, any imagery should be directly relevant to whatever is being promoted.
  7. Arrow showing users to scroll to see the rest of the carousel images.
  8. Utilize quotes from EPA and CDC to drive legitimacy towards claims.
  9. Tell them what to expect by downloading the guide.
  10. Recap the CTA and what the user should do at the end.

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